Award Criteria

Properties that receive a Housekeeping Award demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in cleanliness, maintenance, and state of repair for hotels and motels across Alberta.

To qualify for the award, properties are required to be listed and in good standing with their account in the Official Alberta Accommodation Guide and All properties listed on Check In Canada will be considered for a Housekeeping Award.

In identifying properties to receive the Housekeeping Award, the AHLA considers these same consumer reviews to get a comprehensive view of your guests’ experience. By creating a detailed breakdown of your TrustScore, the AHLA generates your Housekeeping Score, which is an aggregate of only those elements that relate to cleanliness, maintenance, and state of repair.  The Housekeeping Score does not include elements such as your restaurant, wifi, or swimming pool. All properties considered for a Housekeeping Award must comply with the Health Code, Fire Code, and Section 7 of the Innkeepers Act. Properties must be in operation for a minimum of three months to qualify.

A subset of TrustScore™ data will be used to evaluate consumer feedback on the following elements:

  • Bathroom Cleanliness
  • Hotel Cleanliness
  • Room Cleanliness
  • Housekeeping
  • Hotel Maintenance
  • Room Maintenance
  • Bathroom
  • Beds
  • Entrance Area
  • Furniture

Considering consumer reviews and a detailed breakdown of TrustScore™ data helps the AHLA to see a property as guests do. The inherently subjective nature of consumer reviews is considered during the Housekeeping Award selection process. Management responses to positive and negative reviews are also considered. Incorporating consumer reviews and specific TrustScore™ components such as bathroom cleanliness, housekeeping, and room cleanliness, allows the AHLA to get a more comprehensive view of how consumers see a property than relying on a brief annual visit.

Historically, the AHLA inspected more than 700 hotels and motels around the province yearly. At the time, properties were considered for a Housekeeping Award if a quality assurance advisor was able to inspect at least five guest rooms upon arrival. Using consumer reviews and TrustScore™ data allows us to consider properties that might not have had rooms to show when the inspector arrived, or that might not have received an inspection in a given year if the inspector had already visited their community.